The eternal problems of the positive - negative relationship, harmony and disharmony are
nowadays discussed with a new urgency. The effort of escaping from the pessimism of this
world is often shaped by searching for man’s harmony with nature finding the harmony
within himself or in ancient nations cultures and the inspiration of the oriental philosophies.
Again occuring scepticism to the rational leads many authors to deepening their interest in
abstract problems and prefering spiritual values. This can by found by Jana Semianova’s
creation. Her pictures, many of them created in New Zealand, in the land of the long white
cloud, are works in Which time flows slowly.
In comparison with the earlier works they have more meditative character radiating the inner
good humour. She concentrateds herself to the positive energy. The works are the results of
the author‘s maximum concentration, even her identification with the given picture, or giving
her own energy into its expression. Energy in her creation is an undulation transformed into
certain brush touches and strokes. The question of the positive way of thinking is dominant
and gives fluidity to her pictures.
If we use to say that the creation is the mirror of the author‘s soul, in this case this sits perfectly.
This loaded creation does not lose its energy after a long time either, as can be found
in the primitive nations magic arts sculptures. Jana Semianová achieves this by knowing
many cultures. During her stays in several parts of the world she had the oportunity to get to
know the different mentalities with different approaches to nature. She devoted herself to
searching for harmony, peace of mind during the hours of concentrated meditation. In her
creation there are more symbols coming from the mythology of natural cultures – symbols
which became an integral part of the culture – spiral, rhombus as the balance between the
natural and the human, the male and the female. By using these symbolic shapes she
comes from their original sources respecting their symbolic meaning. An unneglected theme
in Jana Semianova‘s creation is light, which is a very significant part of the works and has
great meaning. Therefore her pictures are made by superimposing the particural
layers as the light penetrates the deeper and deeper layers.Light is the positive value as
darkness becomes the negative expression of the overcivilised world. As she herself says, it
is also a protection from the aggresive, spiritually degenerated technical civilisation.
That is why she has devoted herself to the primary elements – air, water and fire. Her pictures
consist of several layers which are transparent and make an ilusion of the unknown, inner
existential space. The suggestive appeal of her pictures is achieved by the short, discontinued
brush strokeds evoking firstly a more dynamic character with soft „colour touches” in
searching for their optimal combination and mutual harmony.
Although there are some animal motifs in her works, they emerge as if of the second plan
penetrating the other layers structure which dominates her nonfigurative expression prefering
the emotional part of her creation. The animal motifs are symbols of freedom and the
expression of the natural animal instinct, the nonfigurative parts are expression of the inner
energy and natural synthesis. Last but not least it is a picture of the autor‘s synthesis with
her own creation.

Ivan Jančár